let’s warm this winter up


I have to be honest with you, I’m more than a little tired of hearing myself complain about how cold it is outside, how rough this winter’s been, and how much I want to sarcastically comment “well, aren’t you lucky?” on every tropical picture floating around social media.

A day hasn’t passed that I haven’t woken up and obsessively checked the weather forecast and when that stupid groundhog announced 6 more weeks of winter, I contemplated abandoning all that I know and love by hopping on a plane to Mexico with no date to be returned.

Call it want you want but i’ve been in a winter RUT — and I just know I can’t be alone on this one?!

There’s a quote from a book that I love:

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. – Viktor E. Frankl, Mans Search for Meaning

If you’re not familiar with Viktor E. Frankl, he was a psychiatrist and holocaust survivor. Whenever I re-read this book or hear this quote, it’s all I need to keep me grounded.

He survived the holocaust and throughout still managed to find peace within in himself by accepting what he could not change and i’m whining about my winter?

talk about perspective, people. 

A situation I can’t control? I’d say the weather is high on that list.

Since winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’ve created a 7 day winter warm up to challenge and change my perspective. I’m hoping an assignment a day will keep these winter blues away — Contact me here to be added to the list for email updates!  OR you can play along here

And tell me in the comments… what are you doing this winter to keep your mind, body, and spirit warm? 

Thanks for reading!

Amy K Hall

assumptions are gross

I take a lot of pride in my perspective on life. I’ve worked really hard to be where I am today — mentally emotionally and physically. Even still, I have a lot of work to do.

People often compliment my outlook and demeanor. It’s always funny to me when people comment on certain characteristics as if to say “you’re so lucky you were born that way. There is no hope for me. Im screwed.” because, truthfully, I wasn’t born this way. There are a lot of things I am by nature but there are also a lot of things I am not. 

I am not an extrovert by nature; I step out of my comfort zone everyday to get there. I once went to a sleepover and said nothing. I honestly can’t think of single sentence I spoke that night. 

I am not an optimist by nature; I step out of my comfort zone everyday to get there. Trust me… as quick as I can tell you the glass is half full, I can point out every scratch, chip, crack or dent. 

I am not peaceful by nature; I step out of my comfort zone everyday to get there.    Not to say that I enjoy conflict but I am an aires. I’m a fire sign. I like challenging people and I definitely push buttons – just ask my fiance. Actually, just ask anyone who knew me before my mid-twenties… or yesterday. 

I guess there are two points to all of this. 

  1. Don’t ever assume that people havent worked really hard (in some capacity) to get to where they are today. Assumptions are gross and you’re more than likely always wrong.
  2. You can make a conscious decision about who you want to be in life. It won’t be easy and it will require daily practices to get there but the good news? It’s possible.

If I’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more, I’d love to chat. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me here.

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