you can try & (maybe) fail or you can not try at all

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Last week, I ran into a college professor at a local coffee shop. Actually, I saw her from the back of the line, stared into my phone, and prayed she didn’t notice me.

Suddenly, I had a full on flashback of our last conversation. It was my senior year of college, and I had just handed in my final. She walked me out of the classroom to say goodbye, and asked about my post grad plans. I explained how excited I was to be an actress. I had taken every acting course my college offered and had never felt an adrenaline rush greater than when I was playing a character. The further away from my own personality the bigger the rush.

Since I was graduating, I could focus on auditions. I’d probably find a part time job to pay the bills and do what I already knew I loved.

Her response? “That will be hard, but good luck.” It seemed harsh at the time, but she was sincere in her well wishes, and she was right. It would be hard.

Snapping out of my flashback, I realized where all the avoidance was coming from. If she were to say hello to me, today, I’d have no great stories of failed or funny auditions, the work that I had booked, the successes the failures, the learnings. I couldn’t even say “well, tried that, not for me.”

I didn’t even try.

At the first sign of failure, I traded the grind of acting for a steady paycheck where I could safely learn to rise and fall fail.

I wish I could tell my 22 year old self how necessary, important, and ultimately, inevitable those failures would be but there’s a lesson to be learned in everything we do — or in this case don’t do and it’s one of the most important lessons of all, for me. 

It will always feel better to fail, learn &  grow than to have never tried at all.

Completely unrelated to fear, I no longer have aspirations of being an actress but I do have aspirations.

Big ones — and I won’t allow myself to say I didn’t try. 

how do you meditate?

I’ve noticed some people are very rigid not just in their practice of meditation, but in their definition of meditation.

Truthfully, It means something different to everyone. It’s not important that you do it a certain way. It’s just important that you do it. Why? Well, because science says so. There are studies that prove mediation can improve your focus, lower your blood pressure and even alter your genes. Who doesn’t want that?

The goal is to think of nothing, give your mind rest, and truly, if for only 20 minutes a day, be in the present. Whatever gives you that rest and clears the noise in your head, do more of it!

I have friends that paint their nails, hold a plank, dance, or sing as their meditation. Although I prefer the standard 20 minutes of sit-in-silence-and-think-of-nothing-technique, I’ll try just about anything.

How do you meditate?

more on fear

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

-A Course in Miracles


That sounds nice. To feel so sure about where you will end up that you lose all anxiety sounds like a dream, and it’s true.

What I am realizing now is that it’s worth taking the time to get really clear and confident about what we want to achieve. Through this clarity, we lose the fear that tells us we can’t reach our goals. Fear, after all, is the only thing holding us back.

less is more

On Monday, I tried something new. Instead of wishing for more hours in the day, I gave myself until noon to finish my to do list and I did it.

Truthfully, If I had more hours in the day, I’d probably sleep more, take longer showers, eat more, drink more; I’d do none of the things still on my list, prompting me to think, I wish I had more hours in the day. 

When you have surprise visitors who call you when they’re just a few blocks away, you manage to miraculously piece together your apartment in record time. When someone is presented with less time in this world, they start full charge through their bucket list.

The real solution isn’t more; It’s maximizing what you have and I’m not just talking about time.