gratitude in the dark


I’m convinced that learning to show gratitude for all of our troubles traumas and misfortunes is the hardest, and most crucial practice of gratitude there is.

We each have our own personal definition of trauma and misfortune so I”ll let you define it for yourself.

Losing my dad was nothing short of a stomping crush to the soul. That’s the best way to describe it. Even now, just typing that, I can feel it in my chest.

Slowly and all to quickly following my fathers sudden death, was the disappearance of my mother. Not from this world, not into the unknown, but from my life.

Harder to process than those two soul stomping events was the scary reality of just how fragile we are to be human. 

I could go on with the ups and downs that followed but the point of painting your Sunday with this picture is to share that 10 years later, I am truly grateful for those tragic experiences.

Those events ignited my deep curiosity in the human spirit.

They led me to deeply understand that all we can change and control is ourselves and how we respond to all that occurs, and when you truly change yourself from the inside out, it’s contagious. 

Happiness really isn’t a destination; it’s a choice that you make many moments throughout the day, wether you realize it or not. 

There is freedom in learning to forgive without expectations.

We are our own worst enemies and also our own greatest warriors.

Nothing is ever as difficult as our mind will convince us it is. 

And that we are stronger than we will ever know. 

I don’t wish tragedy on anyone; the unfortunate truth is that it exists in many forms and we will all feel it at one point or another. 

I wouldn’t be me without my experiences and you wouldn’t be you without yours, and that includes the darkest of moments.

I’m challenging each of you to look back into the dark in search of what you can be thankful for even if it’s just gratitude for who you have become. When you can be grateful for these moments, the daily habit of gratitude becomes easier to sustain.

If you cannot yet look back and see light or look at your present and see your progress, then I urge you to look back and just allow yourself to feel.  

“though we might wish to run away from these people or situations that trigger us, what will ultimately heal us is running toward them. We don’t want to do this. Every fiber of our being wants to turn away. We don’t want to feel But triggers are present in our lives in order for us to come to a greater level of self- acceptance.”

—Panache Desai, Discovering your Soul Signature

and then maybe read his book 😉

With so much gratitude,

Amy K Hall

forgive yourself and move on

I find that inspiration & motivation can strike when you need it the most. 

Actually, I find that they are always lingering & you have to rid your mind of the noise & open your eyes in order to take it all in.

To rid the noise & see clearly, you have to be ok with allowing yourself to get in a rut. (FYI: I also call this “being human.”) It’s from these darkest & lowest of places when we are pushed so far into our rut & are hardest on ourselves that we are forced to take the silence, clear the noise, open our eyes & allow the motivation & inspiration to strike. Then, forgive yourself & move on. 

That last part is worth repeating; forgive yourself and move on. That unwillingness to forgive yourself will keep you in the same rut  & you’ll probably miss all of the inspiration.

This week, I am most grateful for my ruts.

It’s when I learn the most and feel propelled into making the biggest moves toward my biggest goals. 

Watch out.