meet Shirley, the center of my vision board


That’s Shirley. In case it’s difficult to see, she’s in a swimming pool, on water skis, surrounded by beach balls, smiling, waving and most importantly?

having the time of her life.

I have some really big plans on that vision board.

Plan a wedding, write a book, start a business, travel, the focus this year is intense and Shirley is there to remind me of two very important things.

  1. Take your dreams, goals, ambitions seriously but never take yourself too seriously.
  2. If you’re not having the time of your life, whatever you’re doing, probably isn’t worth your time.

To be clear: Shirley is not a reminder that if things get challenging or scary, we should give up. Not even close. Shirley is a reminder to stay connected to why and remain passionate about what we do. When we are connected and passionate, even the most monstrous of challenges, won’t shake us.

They will inspire us to keep moving. 

Here’s to hoping you all have a Shirley in your life visions.

Thanks for reading!

Amy k Hall

getting to the root of your resolutions

Resolutions aren’t getting a lot of love this year. It’s day 17 of 2015 and i’m already hearing and reading things like…

“they’re fun to think about but they don’t last” (you caved already)

“resolutions are lame, I set goals” (nice try)

“well that was fun, better luck next year” (in other words, it didn’t last) 

or my favorite….

“today’s my cheat day” (and the next day and the next…)

I’m especially guilty. Rather than setting big resolutions for the year, I planned to take a daily approach and focus on things like: showing gratitude, meditating, yoga, and nutrition, daily, as opposed to a yearly goal. Well, then I was left with pressure of  a daily checklist of things to think about, getting lost in the overwhelm of it all, and forgetting why I started this whole thing in the first place.

That. That right there is the secret. Why did I start this whole thing in the first place? Thats the question. If you can answer this, I mean really get to the bottom of this, then you’ve found the root of your resolution.

Maybe this year you want to exercise more, eat healthy, commit to always having a manicured hand, lose 10 lbs, run a marathon, travel somewhere new, etc. Any or all of the above, maybe? –Those are awesome things to attempt.

But let’s get to the root of it. Take a second and ask yourself why you made the resolutions you did this year. (go on; I’ll wait here.)

Generally, there is a feeling you are trying to feel wether you realize it or not. The reason our resolutions fall through so frequently is because we aren’t clear on the feeling we are after and we don’t realize that it’s ok to not like running, and it’s ok to not run a marathon this year, and there are 100+ other things that might make you feel happy healthy and free. However, if you don’t know that happy healthy and free is, in fact, what you are after, then you wont open yourself to trying any of the 100+ other methods to get you there.

Getting to the root of your resolution, will not only open many other pathways for you to explore, it will provide you with clarity of what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. This will allow you to set resolutions that are more realistic and attainable for you, keep you focused, and less likely to bail by day 17 of the new year!

If anyone needs help getting to the root of your resolution or would like to share theirs, feel free to comment or contact me here.

Thanks for reading!  

more on fear

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

-A Course in Miracles


That sounds nice. To feel so sure about where you will end up that you lose all anxiety sounds like a dream, and it’s true.

What I am realizing now is that it’s worth taking the time to get really clear and confident about what we want to achieve. Through this clarity, we lose the fear that tells us we can’t reach our goals. Fear, after all, is the only thing holding us back.

forgive yourself and move on

I find that inspiration & motivation can strike when you need it the most. 

Actually, I find that they are always lingering & you have to rid your mind of the noise & open your eyes in order to take it all in.

To rid the noise & see clearly, you have to be ok with allowing yourself to get in a rut. (FYI: I also call this “being human.”) It’s from these darkest & lowest of places when we are pushed so far into our rut & are hardest on ourselves that we are forced to take the silence, clear the noise, open our eyes & allow the motivation & inspiration to strike. Then, forgive yourself & move on. 

That last part is worth repeating; forgive yourself and move on. That unwillingness to forgive yourself will keep you in the same rut  & you’ll probably miss all of the inspiration.

This week, I am most grateful for my ruts.

It’s when I learn the most and feel propelled into making the biggest moves toward my biggest goals. 

Watch out.