experience vs. dwelling

Life is crazy. Unpredictable, unexpected, unplanned things happen all the time. Things out of our control, out of our scope of understanding will continue to happen because well, that’s just this crazy little thing called life.

What we do have the power to change is how we recover and how we allow these unpredictable and unchangeable occurrences to dictate how we lead our lives.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

-Viktor E. Frankl

I am not suggesting that if you simply choose a different response, you will be free and happy and therein lies the secret to a successful recovery or rebound from outside occurrences in which we have no control.

Although, I do believe it is a start, it’s not the answer and it’s never that easy.

We know that.

What I am suggesting is that maybe the secret to not just our personal success but our success as global citizens is how long we allow ourselves to experience vs dwell in our outside occurrences.

When we dwell, we live in these outside occurrences until we are numb, as if they are the only truth and when it’s true for us, we lose the possibility of change.

However, when we experience, really truly experience, we feel until we are moved to take a stand, make an impact and on the smaller scale of ourselves, to simply recover.

forgive yourself and move on

I find that inspiration & motivation can strike when you need it the most. 

Actually, I find that they are always lingering & you have to rid your mind of the noise & open your eyes in order to take it all in.

To rid the noise & see clearly, you have to be ok with allowing yourself to get in a rut. (FYI: I also call this “being human.”) It’s from these darkest & lowest of places when we are pushed so far into our rut & are hardest on ourselves that we are forced to take the silence, clear the noise, open our eyes & allow the motivation & inspiration to strike. Then, forgive yourself & move on. 

That last part is worth repeating; forgive yourself and move on. That unwillingness to forgive yourself will keep you in the same rut  & you’ll probably miss all of the inspiration.

This week, I am most grateful for my ruts.

It’s when I learn the most and feel propelled into making the biggest moves toward my biggest goals. 

Watch out.