choose wisely


I had a tarot card reading* last week and received some very well timed and beautifully simple guidance; choose wisely.

I have a lot of interests and just like everyone else in the world, I have a lot of distractions that I allow to steal time right away from me.

I’m not sure about you but when I realize I’ve let these distractions get the best of me, I come down really hard on myself and you know what?

Feeling sorry for yourself is the biggest time suck of all. Just forgive yourself, and move on!

So, people, my message for you (and me) today is simple.

Choose wisely!

Choose wisely how you spend your time, who you spend it with, and most importantly, how you treat yourself because our time in this life is limited, It’s precious, and you’re worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Amy K Hall

*tarot reading was done by the lovely Danielle Mercurio

meet Shirley, the center of my vision board


That’s Shirley. In case it’s difficult to see, she’s in a swimming pool, on water skis, surrounded by beach balls, smiling, waving and most importantly?

having the time of her life.

I have some really big plans on that vision board.

Plan a wedding, write a book, start a business, travel, the focus this year is intense and Shirley is there to remind me of two very important things.

  1. Take your dreams, goals, ambitions seriously but never take yourself too seriously.
  2. If you’re not having the time of your life, whatever you’re doing, probably isn’t worth your time.

To be clear: Shirley is not a reminder that if things get challenging or scary, we should give up. Not even close. Shirley is a reminder to stay connected to why and remain passionate about what we do. When we are connected and passionate, even the most monstrous of challenges, won’t shake us.

They will inspire us to keep moving. 

Here’s to hoping you all have a Shirley in your life visions.

Thanks for reading!

Amy k Hall

what i’m reading: february 2015

Winter is cold here in New York and sometimes the best thing you can do is curl up with a good book (or a few) and keep your mind off of these freezing temperatures and away from day dreams of waves, sand, and sun.

Before I share my February reading list with you, I must preface it with a few things.

  • I read multiple books at once. Do you guys ever do that?  I read mostly non-fiction; without a major storyline to follow, I find it easy to bounce around from book to book.
  • Although I almost never read fiction, I love it and my goal is to read at least 1 fiction book per month in 2015
  • I began reading some of these books in January. My plan is to finish them in February!

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re reading in February or I’ll always take a good book recommendation!

What I’m Reading: February 2015:


The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

I have rule. If a book is recommended to me by three different people on three different occasions, I must read. This is one of those books.  






Discovering your Soul Signature by Panache Desai

A great friend recommended this book. There is a short passage to read in the morning, afternoon, and at night for 22 days. I’ve already learned so much and i’m only half way through. I included one of my favorite passages in last week’s post on finding gratitude in our darkest moments. 


E-Squared by Pam Grout

Energy experiments that work. I’ve already manifested yellow butterflies in the middle of winter in NYC. It works. This is a very great go at your own pace or rather experiment at your own pace kind of book. 



The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This classic probably needs so explanation for you but I will leave you with my favorite quote:

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”


we were liars

We were Liars by E. Lockhart

My escape into fiction. Yes; I realize The Alchemist is also fiction but the classic story resonates with so many of us that I cannot mentally file it in fiction. digress. I read a preview on my kindle and went out to purchase the very next day. I can’t wait to curl up with it.

Now, let me know what you’re reading or what should be next on my list!

Thanks for reading! (pun intended)

Amy K Hall

gratitude in the dark


I’m convinced that learning to show gratitude for all of our troubles traumas and misfortunes is the hardest, and most crucial practice of gratitude there is.

We each have our own personal definition of trauma and misfortune so I”ll let you define it for yourself.

Losing my dad was nothing short of a stomping crush to the soul. That’s the best way to describe it. Even now, just typing that, I can feel it in my chest.

Slowly and all to quickly following my fathers sudden death, was the disappearance of my mother. Not from this world, not into the unknown, but from my life.

Harder to process than those two soul stomping events was the scary reality of just how fragile we are to be human. 

I could go on with the ups and downs that followed but the point of painting your Sunday with this picture is to share that 10 years later, I am truly grateful for those tragic experiences.

Those events ignited my deep curiosity in the human spirit.

They led me to deeply understand that all we can change and control is ourselves and how we respond to all that occurs, and when you truly change yourself from the inside out, it’s contagious. 

Happiness really isn’t a destination; it’s a choice that you make many moments throughout the day, wether you realize it or not. 

There is freedom in learning to forgive without expectations.

We are our own worst enemies and also our own greatest warriors.

Nothing is ever as difficult as our mind will convince us it is. 

And that we are stronger than we will ever know. 

I don’t wish tragedy on anyone; the unfortunate truth is that it exists in many forms and we will all feel it at one point or another. 

I wouldn’t be me without my experiences and you wouldn’t be you without yours, and that includes the darkest of moments.

I’m challenging each of you to look back into the dark in search of what you can be thankful for even if it’s just gratitude for who you have become. When you can be grateful for these moments, the daily habit of gratitude becomes easier to sustain.

If you cannot yet look back and see light or look at your present and see your progress, then I urge you to look back and just allow yourself to feel.  

“though we might wish to run away from these people or situations that trigger us, what will ultimately heal us is running toward them. We don’t want to do this. Every fiber of our being wants to turn away. We don’t want to feel But triggers are present in our lives in order for us to come to a greater level of self- acceptance.”

—Panache Desai, Discovering your Soul Signature

and then maybe read his book 😉

With so much gratitude,

Amy K Hall

getting to the root of your resolutions

Resolutions aren’t getting a lot of love this year. It’s day 17 of 2015 and i’m already hearing and reading things like…

“they’re fun to think about but they don’t last” (you caved already)

“resolutions are lame, I set goals” (nice try)

“well that was fun, better luck next year” (in other words, it didn’t last) 

or my favorite….

“today’s my cheat day” (and the next day and the next…)

I’m especially guilty. Rather than setting big resolutions for the year, I planned to take a daily approach and focus on things like: showing gratitude, meditating, yoga, and nutrition, daily, as opposed to a yearly goal. Well, then I was left with pressure of  a daily checklist of things to think about, getting lost in the overwhelm of it all, and forgetting why I started this whole thing in the first place.

That. That right there is the secret. Why did I start this whole thing in the first place? Thats the question. If you can answer this, I mean really get to the bottom of this, then you’ve found the root of your resolution.

Maybe this year you want to exercise more, eat healthy, commit to always having a manicured hand, lose 10 lbs, run a marathon, travel somewhere new, etc. Any or all of the above, maybe? –Those are awesome things to attempt.

But let’s get to the root of it. Take a second and ask yourself why you made the resolutions you did this year. (go on; I’ll wait here.)

Generally, there is a feeling you are trying to feel wether you realize it or not. The reason our resolutions fall through so frequently is because we aren’t clear on the feeling we are after and we don’t realize that it’s ok to not like running, and it’s ok to not run a marathon this year, and there are 100+ other things that might make you feel happy healthy and free. However, if you don’t know that happy healthy and free is, in fact, what you are after, then you wont open yourself to trying any of the 100+ other methods to get you there.

Getting to the root of your resolution, will not only open many other pathways for you to explore, it will provide you with clarity of what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. This will allow you to set resolutions that are more realistic and attainable for you, keep you focused, and less likely to bail by day 17 of the new year!

If anyone needs help getting to the root of your resolution or would like to share theirs, feel free to comment or contact me here.

Thanks for reading!